Industries Served

IFC provides valve services and solutions to clients in the oil and gas, petrochemical, power generation, fertilizer, offshore, and subsea industries. With stock as well as key supply chain relationships, IFC provides valve solutions for all industries.

Pipeline and Storage Facilities

– API6D pipe line ball valves through 60”
– API6D through conduit gate and check valves
– API600 gate, globe, and check valves
– API594 and 6D wafer and lug style check valves

Oil & Gas

GWC ITALIA and our other sourcing partners offer a wide selection of valves for the oil and gas industry, covering production and refining, transportation, and distribution. These include:

– Ball valves
– Gate valves
– Globe valves
– Check valves
– Butterfly valves

Each valve is fully designed, engineered, and manufactured to fulfill our clients’ needs.


Our manufacturers offers a wide range of custom-alloy valve and corrosion-resistant stainless products that are manufactured to meet the highly demanding service-oriented environments of today’s industry.

These include:

– API 600, 602, 603, and ANSI B16.34
– Triple-offset butterfly valves, and quarter-turn valves
– Gate, checks and globe forged steel, and pressure seal

Power Generation

– Experienced valve manufactures of high pressure and high temperature valves
– These pressure seal valves (steam valves) are N/NPT accredited and approved for the highest quality and stringent tests for services including  nuclear power stations

Off-Shore and Sub-sea

– We have the valve solutions for offshore and sub-sea installations
– GWC ITALIA has product lines tailored to these industries including the required alloys to protect from sea water and environmental conditions

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